The Pokemon Resistance are a group of abandoned or abused Pokemon led by Shetani, who are out for revenge against the humans and Pokemon who don't fallow in their beliefs. They are scheduled to appear in the episode of the same name.


The Pokemon Resistance 

Named Members


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Shetani is the leader of the Group. She has dark brown fur with light brown legs, tail tip, chest, and face. She is incredibly eccentric and manipulative and is set in her beliefs and cannot be swayed. She has a hate for pokemon and their trainers.


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Kwaruza is a member of the group. Unlike most members of the group, Kwaruza wishes to be friends with Humans and does not necessarily hold any animosity towards them presently. He backs away from fights, though seemingly does so due to his unwillingness to cause or be involved in trouble.


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Nyuki is a member of the group.He is a ruthless, sadistic and manipulative. He is a charismatic speaker, able to wow audiences and get them on his side.


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Gasira is a member of the group. She is a fun-loving pokemon, though she can be shy at times. Her missing leg has caused her to be regarded with a certain level of unease by other pokemon, which bothers her. She prefers not to be brought into the spotlight, and would rather stay concealed. Though not outwardly friendly, she occasionally displays kindness and won't turn away animals in need unless her needs outweigh theirs.


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Waovu is a member of the group. He is also very gallant, since he always tries to conquer Gasira, although she always ignores him.


  • The Pokemon Resistance is very much like the The Flushed Pets from the movie The Secret Life of Pets.