Snowy is an Ice-type Pokémon owned by Lillie. She is her first Pokémon.



Snowy, when hatched, is a very curious and naive Pokémon due to her young age, but she also started off as a bit shy around others, and even gave Ash her version of a cold shoulder when he tried to pet her by freezing him with its Powder Snow to keep everyone away from her. Snowy took an instant liking to Lillie, due to seeing her as a parental figure because she took good care of it as an egg. As they spent most of the day bonding on the day she hatched they began to form a strong partnership and friendship. Snowy felt comfortable and is best friends with Ash's Torracat, due to also not being entirely too hyperactive and energetic as Lillie and Snowy herself.

She also shows great bravery when trying to protect Lillie from Team Rocket. Initially, Snowy didn't want to play with her trainer friends Pokémon or be friends with them either at first but eventually warmed up to them in the end. Snowy also had trouble opening up to other people, but began to warm up slowly after staying with Ash and his Pokémon temporarily.

Snowy can also be naughty at times, such as freezing Lillie to show her affection.

Despite her confidence, Snowy is shown to be uncertain about evolving when Lillie sees that Snowy isn't ready to evolve yet when she shows her the ice stone and Lillie keeps until she is ready.


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