Shujaa is a Zeraora and a member of Jaribu's Group. He lives in Alola and serves as one of Msaada's top bodyguards. 

He is a major character in The Adventures Of Altus.


Shujaa is a bipedal feline Pokémon that has black underfur and yellow fur on his head, forearms, chest, hips, and upper legs. Blue fur can also be seen on his forehead, chest, and whiskers. His eyes and paw-pads are similarly blue. Black zigzagging stripes can be seen on his thighs and forearms. Shujaa has four-fingered paws, while his feet have three toes each. A long, yellow, thunderbolt-shaped ponytail extends from the back of its head, giving the appearance of an actual tail. He a thin pink scar over his left eye.


Shujaa is a loyal member of the group and a fierce warrior. Just like, Askari, He is very protective over Msaada, and considers it his responsibility that no harm comes to her. Shujaa won't hesitate to challenge others, but never without reason. Shujaa can be snappy and snarky at times, but tries not to employ sarcasm when it would be unhelpful. Shujaa is willing to jump into compact when it comes to rescuing the royal family or the ones he cares for,even if that means his life is in danger. Shujaa can sometimes be arrogant, even towards those who know him.


Prior to Ruler of Alola

Not much of Shujaa backstory is known. At some point in time, shujaa joined the Jaribu's Group and became one of Msaada's top Bodyguards.


  • Msaada
  • Askari
  • Salene
  • Jaribu
  • Lupa
  • Laila


  • Shujaa speaks in a regal like voice, always calling Jaribu "My Queen" or "My Lady" and calling Msaada "Princess"
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