Nwabudike is a male Kommo-o that resides in Alola. He is an antagonist in Ruler Of Alola.


Nwabudike is covered in scaly armor. Most of his body is gray with some lighter gray areas as well as yellow and red markings. He has a rounded, beak-ish snout and small eyes nearly hidden under his head armor. On the tip of his snout is a patch of pale gray, and both the upper and lower jaws have a small, tooth-like spike on each side. The top of his head is covered by an elaborate arrangement of scales. At the front of the headdress is an oval scale, which is yellow with a red heart-shape at the base. On either side of the front scale is a chain of four circular scales; the first three scales are red with yellow trim and the last scale is solid yellow. Three additional chains of plain yellow scales extend from the back of the headdress. Running down the front of his long neck is a line of overlapping scales: one solid gray at the top, three larger gray ones with yellow rims, and one solid yellow scale at the bottom. A thick yellow stripe with a rounded projection in the center runs across his chest. Covering his shoulders are tufts of spiky, white feathers with small, gray scales overlapping them. Four overlapping scales cover the tops of his arms: three are gray with yellow edges, and the scales that cover his hands are red with yellow edges.

Nwabudike has four chains of scales, all of which consist of four scales, extending from just behind his shoulders. The two foremost chains are made of overlapping scales, and have a solid gray scale at the top followed by three scales with yellow edges. The other two chains are made up of only solid gray scales and do not appear to overlap. The lower half of his legs is dark gray, and there is a pale gray marking across each knee. His hands have four yellow claws, while the feet have only three. A long line of slightly raised, pale gray scales runs down the center of his back to about halfway up its tapering tail. Near the tip of his tail are three sets of loose scales that increase in size near the tip. Each set is made up of four separate scales that encircle the tail; the two lower sets are solid yellow, while the set nearest the tip have gray centers. The very tip of his tail is pale gray.


Nwabudike is a very persistent and territorial character. He is a ruthless predator and will not relent until he is successful in killing his quarry. He is confident in his Fighting abilities, believing himself capable of taking on two at once.  When confronted, he is fierce and willing to fight, but also employs a cocky casualness. Despite his confidence, however, he is not arrogant or foolish: If he is severely outnumbered or overpowered, he will back down. He frequently roars and growls to express anger or irritation.

When he feels that someone has wronged him, he can be severely vengeful. With these individuals in particular, he becomes incredibly uncompromising, and refuses to accept peace when offered to him. 



  • His name is pronounced "nwah boo DEE kay".