Lupa is an female shiny Lycanroc and sister of Laila. She is one of the Pokemon that guards the entrance to Siri Valley. She is a supporting character in The Adventures Of Altus.


Lupa is a slender lycanroc,with light blue fur. she has a white underbelly that extends up around her muzzle and eyes in a mask-like marking. She has pointed ears with dark brown tips and pink insides, big light green eyes, and a triangular, dark brown nose. There are four sharp fangs in her mouth: two in the upper jaw and two in the lower. Large tufts of brown fur extend from the sides of her head; three tufts on each side. A bushy, white mane covers her neck. Four dark brown rocks poke out of her mane, creating a shape similar to a stylized sun. The lower portions of Lupa's legs are white, and each foot has three dark brown claws. She also has a long, fluffy white tail. She has a number of battle scars located on her body.


Although apparently mute, Lupa takes orders well. She is silent and swift on her feet, earning her the title of the stealthiest Lycanroc.



  • Laila: Sister