This is the list of episodes from Ruler Of Alola

Season 1

# Episode Airdate Synopsis
1 A New Journey TBA Now that Msaada finally evolved she is ready to learn the ins and outs of becoming the next ruler of siri Valley.
2 Msaada's little Sister TBA Msaada becomes jealous when her mother brings home a new addition to the family.
3 A Missing Friend TBA When Dhaifu kidnaps Sanda, she stars to become homesick when she begins to miss her friends.
4 A Trip to the altar of Sunne TBA When Msaada's Family takes a trip to the altar of sunne, they find a lone cosmog.
5 The Pokemon Resistance TBA Msaada Meets a Group of Pokemon called The Pokemon Resistance.
6 The lost Princesses TBA Zabuni most help a rockruff and a litten return to their home.