Kivuli is one of the main antagonists of The Adventires of Altus. He is a Necrozma serving as the emperor of  Ultra Megalopolis, the leader of the Ultra Beasts.


Kivuli's body appears to be constructed out of black crystalline material; its disproportionately large arms have three claws jutting out of them, as well as a single large whitish crystal protruding backwards from each arm. His small legs bend backwards like a bird's and have three toes each. A single small, hook-like wing grows out of each of its shoulders. The large protrusion attached to his head is his tail, which is white in the back with a dark gray symbol resembling a star in the center. This part of the tail glows while absorbing light that it converts to lasers. The sides of his head and the top of his tail are covered in spikes. Kivuli face is actually a prism-like object known as the brain prism, which possesses a collection of multicolored shapes that resemble eyes. Despite being pitch-black, Kivuli's body constantly refracts light like a prism.


Kivuli is a very intimidating, menacing, powerful and sadistic Pokemon who did whatever it took to achieve his evil goals. He would imprison anyone who dared to reawaken him from his eternal slumber.


The Adventures Of Altus


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