Azimio is a female Incineroar and Almasi's Sister. She is also the adoptive aunt of  Amani, Shauri, Akia and Sharifa.



Unlike most Incineroars, Azimio can be friendly, kind and considerate not only towards her own kind, but also to other animals. She doesn't like violence, and prefers to save it as a last-recourse if more peaceful ways do not work out.

Azimio is also of strong character, sure of herself and willing to stand up for her beliefs, she will not tolerate being treated unfairly or being harassed. 


  • Almasi: Sister
  • Amani: Adopted Niece
  • Shauri: Adopted Nephew
  • Sharifa: Adopted Niece
  • Akia: Adopted Nephew


  • Though she has a short fuse, her wrath is more of the 'calm before the storm' type, and will coldly but harshly refer to the object of her anger instead of lashing out like most Incineroars.