Ash's Torracat is a torracat who will appear in the upcoming series The Adventures Of Altus.

He is owned by Ash and is the third Pokémon he obtained in the Alola region.



Torracat while it was a Litten is a kind of Pokémon that tends to keep its emotions to itself. It had a very close friendship with its mentor and guardian, Stoutland, who took care of Litten after it was injured. Its friendship with Stoutland caused Litten to have dreams about Stoutland leaving it without warning.

Since its debut, Litten had difficulty getting along with humans, but seems to get along with the old lady at the marketplace. When it first met Ash, Litten didn't have complete trust in him and refused to bond with him. However, when Stoutland was ill, it shook away its distrust towards him and it was desperate to come to him and ask him for help. After Litten accepted Stoutland's departure and joined Ash's team, Ash had finally earned Litten's trust. Litten appears to have grown to like and respect Ash.

After being caught, despite it prefers being alone most of the time, Litten starts to warm up with the others around it like showing affection and encouraging Ash. Litten grown to be very protective towards its friends shown when a wild Palossand was about to swallow Rockruff it kicked it’s friend away to save it. Litten even became good friends with Snowy, Lillie's Alola Vulpix, when it stayed with Ash temporarily.

On the other hand, Litten doesn't like being hugged affectionately, as shown when Delia hugged it when she saw it, causing it to feel uncomfortable. However, when Delia gently stroked Litten on the chin, it couldn't resist it.

Similar to Ash's Charizard, Litten seems to have a habit of spitting fireballs onto Ash's face.

Litten is very clever as well since it was able to give a touching speech to Team Rocket in order to cause them to lose their guard before defeating them.

Litten has a little bit of a rivalry with Lycanroc to see who's stronger or to show off. Although Lycanroc tries to be friendly towards Litten, Litten always somehow reacts aggressively to Lycanroc due to its pride until Litten lost again its rival before its evolution.

Like Lycanroc, Litten wants to challenge its full evolved form Incineroar in a battle which it ends up being defeated. Despite the training and its battle, Litten does not want to accept defeat which it leads its evolution into Torracat. It also displays its observant as it is the only one who senses the anxiety of the Masked Royal, Professor Kukui, who doesn't want his identity to be discovered.

As a Torracat, it retains its behavior from its pre-evolved form and seriously makes Incineroar its full evolved form as a rival.


The Adventures Of Altus 



  • Masked Royal's Incineroar
  • Ash's Lycanroc (briefly)
  • Nwabudike

Known moves

  • Ember
  • Fury Swipes
  • Slash
  • Fire Fang
  • Scratch
  • Flame Charge


  • He has a crush on Almasi
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