Ash's Lycanroc is a lycanroc who will appear in the upcoming series The Adventures Of Altus.

He is the second Pokémon that Ash obtained in the Alola region.

Before being caught by Ash, it lived together with Professor Kukui, although it was never officially Kukui's Pokémon.


Ash's Lycanroc greatly resembles the Midday Form, albeit with orange-gold fur and green eyes, as well as a fluffy mane on its neck, which is reminiscent of its Midnight Form. When attacking, its eyes sometimes glow red like those of the Midnight Form.


Lycanroc is normally a playful, affectionate Pokémon that gets along well with both Ash and its previous caretaker, Professor Kukui. The first night Ash stayed with the Professor, Rockruff, Pikachu, and Ash were quickly able to befriend each other. As a Rockruff, like other members of its species, it likes to greet and show affection to others by rubbing up against them with the rocks on its neck, although it doesn't seem to be aware that it stings the recipient.

Its affectionate personality was also shown, where despite the fact that Litten was angry toward it whilst eating and whilst relaxing at home, it continued to eat and smiled back at Litten respectively. Lycanroc appears to take its failures rather personally. As a Rockruff in Trials and Determinations!, after knocking out Rowlet in a fit of anger, it immediately came to its senses and regretted what it had done, and, despite ultimately winning against Olivia, was still visibly upset in the next episode.

Although Rockruff lived with Professor Kukui before being caught by Ash, it was actually a wild Pokémon that Professor Kukui was taking care of. When Ash revealed this to his classmates at the Pokémon School, his Rotom Pokédex added that Rockruff readily bond with humans even if they are not captured by a Trainer. After evolving, Lycanroc started taking great pride in its fur, as shown in A Masked Warning!, and is shown to enjoy being groomed and taking baths despite being a Rock-type, as observed by Rotom. However, if angered enough, such as when its fur gets dirty, Lycanroc's eyes turned red, and it would fly into a rage, lashing out at whomever it thought was responsible. When this happened, Lycanroc became disobedient and ignored Ash's commands. This weakness caused problems later during Ash's battle with Gladion and his Silvally, and was later the cause of its defeat at the hands of Nanu and his Krookodile in SM074. Lycanroc was able to overcome this destructive habit with the help of Ash and the bond the two shared, remembering a memory it had when it played in the mud happily with Ash and Pikachu when it was still a Rockruff. After this, Lycanroc has shown to no longer go berserk when its fur is dirtied as seen in SM076, where it got a bit of mud on its face and only reacted with disappointment.

Lycanroc has been shown to have a strong sense of smell as a Rockruff which has been used to help find Rowlet and Popplio, Ash's missing Electrium Z and DJ Leo's Dugtrio. 


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